vrijdag 18 maart 2011

maandag 14 februari 2011

freeSTYLE 16 cm

Black Project Fins team rider Thijs Westbroek has been trying out the new 16cm FreeSTYLE Single Proto in the Netherlands these past few days and he just sent us some pics and comments which I am sure will be interesting to all those who love to twist and slide. Over to Thijs;
“The last 2 days I have tested it to the limit!! Yesterday the wind was blasting 35-40 knots at Strand Horst. It was full power 4.1! A lot of GPS speed surfers where going 80+ km!! It was really cool to see these guys going so fast.

Today I had a good session with my 4.9 fully powered.

The fin is amazing!!

It has a lot of speed!!! It is sliding really good. Double moves are really easy, like double or triple flaka and double esliders. It has good grip for the carving part for shaka’s and ponch’s too.

Compared to my old fins, it has a higher top end speed and slides easier. With 4.9 the fin still has a really good upwind performance with the same grip as my old 18 cm. That is something really good because now I’m able to use a smaller fin then I used to!

Tomorrow here we will have 20 knots, so I hope to have some feedback about how the fin works in normal powered conditions and some pumping. Not long now to the first event of the season.



donderdag 20 januari 2011

new sponsor!!

I'm really happy to announce I'm joining the Black Project Fins team!!!

At the moment I'm working on the FreeSTYLE SingleFIN together with the designer to create a really sick fin!!!

there is a short introduction about me on there site:

Dutch Freestyler Thijs Westbroek signs for BPF » Black Project Fins

maandag 22 november 2010


not very windy at the moment in holland,
in the autumn vacation I have been a week at the lauwersoog with a good friend of mine.

we had a lot of wind in that week!! sailing 4.1 firefly most of the time.
the spot is quit cool there, the wind was blowing offshore there so the water was really flat. it is also a well known speed spot! for the freestylers if you want to go switch speed surfing this is the spot!!!

so now waiting for some wind!

dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

dutch championships 2010

battle of the amstel!!!

it was a very nice organized event by Niek!
unfortunately there was not a lot of wind.

which also means the ranking of the dutch championships yogho yogho freestyle tour 2010 doesn't changes.
that means that i'm 5th of holland!!

1 Paul Boef
2 Hylke Bakker
3 Remko de Zeeuw
4 Pim vd Borgt
5 Thijs Westbroek JP, NeilPryde

There was enough wind for 2 best trick super sessions!!

I have won the first super session!!
Supersessie 1:
1. Thijs Westbroek
2. Dieter van der Eyken
3. Davy Scheffers

and made a 3rd place at the second super session!!
Supersessie 2:
1. Paul Boef
2. Davy Scheffers
3. Thijs Westbroek

fall 2010

Usual we have very much wind, but the wind is strangely very light at the moment.
but there have been some good sessions and a lot more to come!!!

a view pics of last session:

vrijdag 3 september 2010

summer 2010

hey it has been a while since my last post but summer was good this year.
not a lot of wind in holland but past 2 weeks have been very good!

here are some pictures vrouwenpolder and the veersedam!